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2024 New Year update.

What does the Olympic year have in store for us?!

Update - 2023 roundup in Lanzarote and full steam into 2024!

Just finished up our last camp of the year in Lanzarote. It’s was great to make the transition from 2 boat tuning-focused training to bigger fleet racing. We did a fair few practice races with the top boats, and it was good to see that our speed training has been converted into racing.Lanzarote provided some great conditions, consistently

between 8-15 knots every day. This was good to practice our downwind pumping technique.

Unfortunately, Twiggy tweaked his back just before the camp so we had to keep our on the water sessions limited to an hour. This was no bad thing as it meant we kept them really intense and focused, I was also still recovering from illness so wasn’t able to handle much more anyway!

I was able to get another crew out to sail the first few days with me, it’s very useful to have a different perspective sometimes, it can help you reinforce something you may be thinking/trying.

We left the camp feeling like we’d really got the most out of it, and headed home for Christmas!

So...2024 here it is!Cool to look back 4 years ago, when I started this whole journey not knowing where it would take me. Now we’re about to go head-to-head into the Olympic selection trials. Crazy.

Hope everyone is as excited and ready to seize the year as I am!

Coming up....- January camp back in Lanzarote- Head over to Palma in Feb to begin our Worlds preparation- Worlds begins end of Feb - event website here


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