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Governing body

I am very proud be be part of and supported by this World renowned sailing team. The support that I receive within the team, not only with I sailing and campaign skills but all the aspects that surround a campaign; fitness, nutrition, mental and physical health, and other life skills is world-class. And of course, my coach ... Jonny McGovern. He always goes the extra mile to give me the best opportunities possible and make sure we as a team are at our prime when we need to show the world what were made of! He has been there to support me through the good times and the bad and he always has some motivational quote in store when we are low! 
I also have access to all sorts of amazing brands like Musto kit, North Sails, Harken, Marlow ropes, Bollé eyewear and Healthspan Elite which means we are well equipped to achieve our goals.


Giving back to those that support me


The wider I can spread my love for the sport and share a passion with others, the better. It is extremely rewarding to give people the opportunity of getting on the water and getting a taste of what its all about! I am thrilled to share this experience with partners and anyone who wants to try sailing. I have done this for charities too, like the Honeypot Children's charity and the Greig City Academy. Giving underprivileged children the chance to experience the freedom of being on the water is incredibly  rewarding and inspirational to see the enthusiasm with which they embrace these opportunities.



How do you build and maintain a successful team? how do you achieve your goals? How do you overcome failure? Or maintain motivation over lockdown? I’ve been through it all and these are some of the topics that I would love to share my experiences on. Sharing my experiences and knowledge of sailing is best when people are interested and can engage/interact with it. Q&A sessions are a great way to tap into our life in the sport and learn about everything and anything that goes alongside it.
Get in touch if this is something you are interested in!

Partnerships allow me to find common values and areas of interest to create a unique content plans bespoke to client interests and company values. Short video clips and articles about specific topics or updates are a great way to engage clients with the partnership. Topics like 'tour of the boat', 'training during lockdown' or 'my journey so far' are all things I like to share and enjoy spreading the knowledge we have.

Stay tuned in - bespoke content and updates will allow you to being thoroughly involved in my journey and get an idea of the ins and outs of my campaign. 


Be part of our journey to the Olympics. With your support, we get closer to achieving our goal.

Support and connect with us as a team; be represented at international events and share attributes of passion, determination and progress. A successful campaign needs external support to achieve potential. 

Or maybe something more personal? Striking up personal relationships with people who want to support us out of interest and heart is deeply encouraging. We are thrilled to create connections and a network of support around our campaign. We are immensely grateful for any support or engagement in our campaign and welcome it with open arms.

For more details about sponsorship or a breakdown of our expenses please contact us

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