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Pre-season final preparations...

Right then... World Championships inbound!And its not just the Worlds, it is our selection trials too. If one of us performs well and selects the nation and the other doesn’t, it is likely selection will be made from this event.

We’ve now rounded off winter training - a looong, hard 5 months! And moved into race season - how exciting!It’s always refreshing and energising starting off the event period; a new, sharper focus, honing in on only the positives rather than bashing away at what needs to be improved in training.

Palma is an absolute world-class venue. The bay is quite the spot; throwing up all kinds of conditions, from a glamour 14knot sea breeze, to a cold, wet and lumpy offshore chaos!

We race here every year as part of the Olympic classes circuit, so it is very much a familiar place that we are very connected to; we know every bakery around 😜

Twiggy and I have had a tricky couple of months in terms of injury and illness, training hasn’t gone quite our way and the lack of consistency became frustrating. It’s nice now to put all of that behind us, screw our heads on right and go racing!Having the most experienced crew in the fleet gives me a lot of confidence and puts my mind at rest that we haven’t managed to get that much training.

We’ve just done a week’s training in Palma to get dialled into the venue. We really ramped it up towards the end of the week and felt we had flicked a switch into event mode.We are now resting at home for a week before going out for a couple of days on the water and measurement and then into the racing on the 27th.

Nothing else matters now, full priority is on optimising performance at the worlds; energy levels, injury free, spotless equipment, mindset in the game.This could be a life-changing week!

Link to event website - info, media and results:

Let’s go!

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