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January update - kicking into 2022 with training in Vilamoura

Vita and Ryan’s 470 campaign - January update Kicking off the new year with an intense camp in one of our favourite winter venues - Vilamoura. With a small squad this year we’ve been getting in some efficient and productive training, particularly focusing on refining our technique in the the 8-10 knot wind range. We’ve had a change to our class rules so we are no longer allowed to pump below 10 knots of wind; it used to be 8 knots. This has made a significant change to our style of sailing in this wind range so it need some practice. A good break over Christmas left us feeling fresh and ready to push hard this camp; lots of days on the water alongside a fitness programme to support our physical sailing demands. Squad bike rides kept our mornings busy! (Followed by a trip to the bakery 😉 ). Its a very satisfying feeling to come away from a camp feeling slightly exhausted! Knowing you’ve pushed hard and got the most out of it. A few days of rest and recovery before we head back out to Miami for an Etchells event. It will be great to get some big fleet racing in. Competing in this ultra-competitive fleet means we can get our racing heads screwed back on ready for the upcoming year of major events! This is back-to-back with another training block and regatta in Vilamoura were will once again come up against many of the usual competitive teams. Non-stop and exciting! Upcoming events ...

  • Vilamoura GP, 19-23 February

  • Princess Sofia regatta, Palma, Spain, 1-9 April

  • Hyeres regatta, France, 21-30 April

  • Olympic test event - venue unconfirmed, July/August

  • Europeans - Turkey, 10-18 September

  • Worlds - Israel, 21-29 October

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